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Family LawDivorce, Custody, and Alimony

Fire AccidentBurn Injury, and Death

ShopliftingBurglary, and Armed Robbery

Sexual OffensesRape, Prostitution, and Pimping

Drug OffencesPossession, and Distribution

Money LaunderingCasino, Drug, and Real Estate

Drinking & DrivingDUI, DWI, OWI

Insurance ServicesPersonal Injury, and Accidents

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Tamer Shawareb:

I believe in trust between my clients without judgment. The law should not favor the rich and I want to provide the best legal help for the best value.


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Send us your information and we will get back with you as soon as possible. We will not bug you or continue to call you even if you decided you dont need our services. Simply put, we wont spam you like the other guys do.


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Everyone deserves great legal representation that is fair and reasonable. I will talk to you on a individual basis to determine what works best for you. I will work with you to make sure that have one less worry. The last thing you need is more stressed on top of your pending trial.


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Make your the law is on your side. Sometime life happens but just because you did it does not mean your guilty. We will do what we do best and make sure you have the best chance possible for a favorable outcome.


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